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“Dedicated To Training The Complete Volleyball Player”

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Philosophy of
Essex Volleyball Club 
Essex Volleyball Club is committed to assisting in developing student athletes into mature, hard working young adults by teaching fundamentally sound volleyball through competitive play in a team-oriented, supportive environment.
Is the Essex Volleyball Club Right For You? 


1.  Our coaches have spent hundreds of hours learning from the top coaches in the world.  Our mentors include:  Dr. Carl McGown, a 7 time Olympic coach as well as a two-time NCAA Division 1 championship coach at BYU; Dr. Marv Dunphy, an Olympic gold medal winning coach and an NCAA championship coach at Pepperdine; Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball who coached the USA Men’s Team to the Olympic gold medal in 1984; and Ron Larsen who was an assistant coach on the 2008 gold medal winning Men’s Olympic Team in Beijing.

    These coaches have taught our staff a training system based on scientific principles.  Every aspect of our practices, from drills to techniques, is based on the laws of motor learning and principles of biomechanics.  Our club and technical director, Ed Saggio, is a committed student of the game who has more then 25 years of experience in the sport.  He and fellow director Brenda Wriedt ensure that the staff teaches according to correct principles.

2.  We don’t recruit.  You won’t find us going into high school gyms and inviting certain players to join our club.   Instead we are 100% committed to coaching the athletes who walk into our gym.  If those athletes arrive with a commitment to improvement, they will find an ideal environment in which to do so.

3.  Universal Training.  Every age group in our club learns the same approach to volleyball.  The 14 & under team hears the same key words, receives the same feedback, and learns the same footwork as our 17 & under team.  Athletes do not have to worry about learning a new coach’s system each year.  We train all age groups the same way because we believe so strongly in the principles.